Razer Blade RZ09-00830100-R3U1


Razer Blade RZ09-00830100-R3U1
Razer Blade RZ09-00830100-R3U1 (Blade Serie)
17.3 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel, glimmend: ja
3 kg
2000 Euro


Gemiddelde Score: 82.75% - goed
Gemiddelde van 8 score (van 13 beoordelingen)
prijs: 90%, prestatie: 90%, functionaliteiten: - %, beeldscherm: 90% mobiliteit: 90%, afwerking: 100%, ergonomie: 100%, emissies: 88%

Testrapporten voor de Razer Blade RZ09-00830100-R3U1

90% Razer Blade (R2) Gaming Laptop Review
Bron: Hardwareheaven Engels EN→NL
Starting with the build quality and design of the new Razer Blade we have a system which has taken the Ultrabook concept and built a gaming system around it. This of course means a significant change in size to accommodate the large 17" display but also allows a much more flexible choice of components. The overall build quality of the Blade is very good with the metal chassis finished nicely.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer lang, Datum: 08-02-2013
Beoordeling: Totale score: 90% prijs: 90% prestatie: 90% afwerking: 100%
80% Razer New Blade RZ09 17.3-inch Laptop PC
Bron: Comp Reviews Engels EN→NL
Razer's New Blade system corrects many of the performance issues that plagued the original model of thin gaming laptop. In particular, the graphics and processor and now much closer to a full gaming system than the past model. The drawback still is the extreme price tag that is nearly a thousand dollars more than many similarly performance equipped systems.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Kort, Datum: 04-02-2013
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%
Razer Blade review: gaming and only gaming
Bron: PC World Engels EN→NL
So if you're a LAN party aficionado looking for something lighter than the usual massive gaming laptops, Razer's Blade is a sleek system that will turn heads. But if you're looking to acquire a thin, light 17-inch laptop as a tool for photography or other general use, you'll want something else.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Kort, Datum: 19-11-2012
PC gaming's concept car
Bron: CNet Engels EN→NL
The new Blade makes good on its promise of improving its internal specs to a level we expected in the first place. It's still impressively thin, runs games better than before, and has a striking design. However, the Switchblade UI, while innovative in concept, doesn't yet have the sort of gaming support it needs. Who knows when it will. The Blade is the most portable of the big-screen gaming laptops, and the new version improves on the first.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 17-10-2012
80% Razer Blade (2012)
Bron: PC Mag Engels EN→NL
If you want truly portable gaming, there's no passing up the Razer Blade (2012). With its lightweight, slim design, and relatively long battery life, the Blade is one of the few gaming laptops that will actually game on the go. It's also one of only two laptops on the market to feature the Switchblade interface (the other is the previous Razer Blade laptop). You'll get better raw performance if you pick up the Editors' Choice Alienware M17X R4, but unlike the Alienware, you actually can pick up the Razer Blade (2012) since it's half the weight. And while the $2,500 price of the Blade may seem a bit steep, it's not hard to justify for on-the-go gaming.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 11-10-2012
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%
90% New Razer Blade Review
Bron: T Break Engels EN→NL
At the end of the day the new Razer Blade provides a very unique experience for PC gamers. Of course, you can get a far better specced gaming laptop for far more than the single option available on the new Razer Blade, like Alienware; or slightly better specs with a slightly lesser price point, like MSI and ASUS. However, none of those companies have the build of the new Razer Blade, vis-à-vis real portability.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 07-10-2012
Beoordeling: Totale score: 90%
The New Razer Blade: Thoroughly Reviewed
Bron: AnandTech Engels EN→NL
Though they are unwilling to release sales figures, Razer claims that the original Blade was an unqualified sales hit, with demand far outstripping supply in the first number of weeks after it went on sale. Undoubtedly, they weren’t manufacturing units in any huge volumes, but it’s safe to say that Razer themselves weren’t expecting the Blade to sell as fast as it did. But even though the original Blade was a success, it wasn’t really a hard product to follow up.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 03-10-2012
70% Arcade Fire
Bron: Wired Magazine Engels EN→NL
While the Blade remains a quirky and wholly unique computing — and gaming — computer, I’m hard-pressed to name a more enjoyable gaming laptop. Using the touchpad instead of a mouse for WASD games isn’t easy, but it’s doable in a pinch — and external mice are still cheap. And hey, Razer would probably love to sell you one of those, too.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 01-10-2012
Beoordeling: Totale score: 70%
Razer Blade review (late 2012)
Bron: Engadget Engels EN→NL
It's hard to hit the market with a self-given description as the "world's first true gaming laptop" only to get knocked down by critics. Subpar audio, a finicky hinge and crippled performance were all common complaints about the original Razer Blade. The reaction among gamers sent a shockwave through Razer, and the company vowed to do better.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 30-09-2012
70% Razer Blade (2012) Review
Bron: Laptop Mag Engels EN→NL
We didn't think it could be done. But Razer has managed to create a highly portable 17.3-inch gaming notebook that delivers remarkable performance for its size. Getting the new quad-core Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX graphics in a sleek 0.88-inch shell is pretty sweet. And, there's no denying that its Switchblade UI is one of the most innovative things we've seen in a gaming notebook in a while.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 30-09-2012
Beoordeling: Totale score: 70%
90% Razer Blade Review
Bron: Techradar Engels EN→NL
We're very much impressed. From top to bottom, the Razer Blade is a very well-thought out design, and is a joy to use on a day-to-day basis. The hardest-core gamers will marvel at the quick key effects the customizable Switchblade UI permits. Everyone else will marvel at how cool it is.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer lang, Datum: 30-09-2012
Beoordeling: Totale score: 90%
Spiele-Notebook im Praxis-Check
Bron: Duits DE→NL
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 03-12-2012
92% Die Schöne ist jetzt das Biest
Bron: Notebookinfo Duits DE→NL
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 07-11-2012
Beoordeling: Totale score: 92% prestatie: 90% beeldscherm: 90% mobiliteit: 90% ergonomie: 100% emissies: 88%


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M: High-end grafische oplossing. Deel van de 600M serie en het traagste GTX model.

Deze middenklasse grafische kaarten kunnen alle huidige spellen vloeiend spelen. Veeleisende spellen kunnen alleen met gemiddelde detail instellingen gespeeld worden.

>> Meer informatie kan gevonden worden in ons Vergelijk van Mobiele Grafische Kaarten en de passende Benchmark Tabel.

3632QM: Een Ivy Bridge quad-core processor met een kloksnelheid van 2.2 GHz met Turbo Boost ondersteuning tot 3.2 GHz. Heeft een geïntegreerde 4000 GPU en een dual-channel DDR3 geheugencontroller. De specialiteit van de i7-3632QM is het lage TDP van 35 watt vergeleken met de 45 watt van de andere Ivy Bridge quad-core CPU's (zoals de 3610QM).
>> Meer informatie kan gevonden worden in ons Vergelijk van Mobiele Processors.

17.3": Dit grote schermformaat wordt gebruikt voor laptops die voornamelijk bedoeld zijn voor gebruik op een bureau.

Grote schermformaten laten hogere resoluties toe. Details zoals letters zijn groter. Anderzijds is het energieverbruik lager bij kleine schermdiagonalen en de toestellen zijn kleiner, lichter en goedkoper.
>>Om de fijnheid van het scherm te vinden, kijk in onze DPI-lijst.

3 kg:

Dit gewicht is representatief voor laptops met een 15 inch schermdiagonaal.

82.75%: Deze score moet gezien worden als gemiddeld, omdat het aantal notebooks dat hoger scoort ongeveer gelijk is aan het aantal dat lager scoort.

>> De verdere informatie kan worden gevonden in onze hulp voor de aankoop van laptops.

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