HP Mini 311


HP Mini 311Notebook: HP Mini 311 (Mini 311 Serie)
Processor: Intel Atom N280
Grafische Kaart: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M (G) / ION (LE)
Beeldscherm: 11.6 inch, 16:9, 1366x768 pixels, glimmend: ja
Gewicht: 1.5kg
Prijs: 400 euro
Gemiddelde Score: 72.1% - gemiddeld
Gemiddelde van 10 score (van 18 beoordelingen)
prijs: 58%, prestatie: 77%, functionaliteiten: 93%, beeldscherm: 60% mobiliteit: 62%, afwerking: - %, ergonomie: 19%, emissies: 80%

Testrapporten voor de HP Mini 311

73% Netbook Review: HP Mini 311
Bron: Hardware Central Engels EN→NL
There are a variety of build-to-order options, ranging from $20 for a white- instead of black-swirly-patterned lid to $30 for 2GB of memory and the same for a 250GB hard disk (or a hefty $210 for an 80GB solid-state drive). But as nice as the 11.6-inch screen and Ion graphics adapter are, we'd vote for a price premium of $50 to $70 rather than a full $100, at least until the Ion 2 version arrives.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 04-03-2010
Beoordeling: Totale score: 73% prijs: 60% prestatie: 80% functionaliteiten: 80%
90% HP Mini 311
Bron: Maximum PC Engels EN→NL
Though the Mini 311 is still hampered by the long-in-the-tooth Atom N280 processor, the Ion graphics make up for it. HD video and actual gaming capability on a netbook, plus HDMI-out and up to 3GB of DDR3 RAM? Heck yes. The Mini 311 is only the first in a doubtless long line of Ion-enabled netbooks, but if this is the shape of things to come, we’re excited.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Kort, Datum: 05-02-2010
Beoordeling: Totale score: 90%
HP Mini 311 Review
Bron: Engels EN→NL
The HP Mini 311 alone could be looked at as a stylish and high quality netbook, but the infusion of Nvidia ION, and the performance that it provides, really pushes the Mini 311 beyond just good netbook, and in to the realm of great value. Adding to this value is a high resolution screen, good battery life, HDMI output, optional 3G cellular internet, and probably most importantly, a reasonable price.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 24-01-2010
Beoordeling: prijs: 90% prestatie: 80% mobiliteit: 80%
HP Mini 311 review
Bron: Liliputing Engels EN→NL
If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, you may be better off with the Asus Eee PC 1201N, which has NVIDIA ION graphics and a dual core Atom processor. It’s not as speedy at CPU-intensive tasks as the Acer Aspire 1410 or higher priced CULV powered notebooks. But the Eee PC 1201N will be faster than the HP Mini 311 at most tasks, and should offer similar graphics capabilities.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 19-12-2009
prestatie: 80%
HP Mini 311 Ion-Based Netbook Review
Bron: Hot Hardware Engels EN→NL
If you're in the market for a netbook, it's hard to recommend any machine right now. Intel is widely expected to launch at least one (if not two) new Atom models at CES in just a few weeks, and while they probably won't be huge steps up from the existing N270/N280, they'll still be somewhat more capable. The 1.6GHz N270 in this machine is feeling old at this point. The Ion GPU definitely breaths new life into it, but at over $500, the particular configuration we tested still isn't as potent as we would like it to be.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 14-12-2009
Beoordeling: prijs: 40% prestatie: 40% beeldscherm: 60% emissies: 80%
HP Mini 311 Review
Bron: Engels EN→NL
At the end of the day HP created a very nice netbook with an 11-inch screen, reasonably powerful graphics, and a nice keyboard ... and then crippled it with Intel's Atom processor. If all you want to do is very basic web browsing, email, social networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and play World of Warcraft then the HP Mini 311 is a great ultraportable laptop.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 05-12-2009
Beoordeling: prestatie: 60% mobiliteit: 80%
Review: HP Mini 311 netbook
Bron: Engels EN→NL
At $399 HP’s Mini 311 is almost impossible to beat right now. It offers up a lot of graphics power, a very good battery life, and a nice design. Not everyone is going to like the white and while it is available in black as well, both colors use HP’s swirl pattern on the lid. The system isn’t as nicely put together as HP’s business-class 5101, but it shouldn’t have any problems holding up. Obviously it scores a lot of points for having ION on-board, so once more ION systems are available there will be more competition and it could lose some luster.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 04-12-2009
Beoordeling: prestatie: 80% mobiliteit: 90%
HP Mini 311: Netbooks get ION
Bron: AnandTech Engels EN→NL
NVIDIA's ION platform for netbooks has a lot of interesting concepts. With the use of GPUs for more tasks — especially video decoding and editing — is it possible to pair a faster integrated GPU with an Atom processor and create a compelling system? Comparing the HP Mini 311 with other Atom-based netbooks, we would be inclined to answer in the affirmative. However, Atom netbooks aren't the only game in town.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer lang, Datum: 22-11-2009
prestatie: 70%
70% HP Mini 311 (Verizon Wireless)
Bron: Laptop Mag Engels EN→NL
Nvidia Ion graphics and built-in 3G wireless make this netbook a good value. With the HP Mini 311, Verizon Wireless is selling the first 3G netbook that performs like a notebook. Nvidia’s powerful graphics give travelers the ability to do more than consume media; they can now create it. Depending on your needs, this machine could be powerful enough to be your primary PC. We wish the touchpad were smoother and that the system lasted longer on a charge, but overall the Mini 311 is the best subsidized netbook yet for those who want broadband connectivity on the go.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 13-11-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 70%
80% HP Mini 311 netbook
Bron: Good Gear Guide Engels EN→NL
HP's Mini 311 is an 11.6in netbook that weighs 1.4kg. It's one of the first netbooks to come with Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled. It's also one of the first to use NVIDIA's ION platform, with an NVIDIA system chipset and integrated GeForce 9400M graphics processor. A big screen, fast graphics and good hard drive performance are just some of the things to like about HP's first Windows 7-based netbook. It's a great unit for anyone who wants to view high-definition video content while on the go and it's comfortable enough to use for extended periods.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 23-10-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%
80% HP Mini 311
Bron: CNet Engels EN→NL
The Netbook wars have heated up, with PC makers adding upscale features such as larger HD displays and faster low-voltage CPUs to systems, in an effort for push prices up past the usual $299-$399 range. HP's Mini 311 adds a larger, high-definition display and advanced graphics to a basic Netbook, while keeping the price very appealing. Once it starts shipping with Windows 7, this could become our favorite Netbook.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 08-10-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%
70% HP Mini 311
Bron: PC Mag Engels EN→NL
Talk—there's been a lot of it ever since Nvidia announced that its Ion chipset would allow netbooks to run full 1080p movie clips, speed up video transcoding, and play 3D games. Lenovo and Samsung announced they would carry Ion-based netbooks, but both companies have yet to produce one for retail. Leave it to HP to take the initiative with the first Ion-based netbook on the market. The Mini 311 offers moderate gaming and HD playback benefits, but they're not compelling enough to beat out other top netbook contenders.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 07-10-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 70%
HP Mini 311 reviewed – close to 6 hrs battery life
Bron: Netbookchoice Engels EN→NL
Following on from the HP Mini 311 benchmarks that appeared yesterday, Laptop Mag has released its review of the ION-powered netbook. Overall, it scored highly, earning a coveted ‘Editors Choice’ award. Whilst we’d already seen that performance was way ahead than your traditional netbook, we didn’t know how much of a hit this took on battery life. Luckily, battery life wasn’t compromised. In their tests, they managed to get a very respectable 5 hours and 46 minutes out of the 6-cell battery. Combine this with a reasonable $399 price point, and sleek chassis, it seems that HP are onto a winner with the Mini 311. Check out the key review points after the break.80
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 07-10-2009
Beoordeling: prijs: 80% mobiliteit: 80%
80% HP Mini 311
Bron: Laptop Mag Engels EN→NL
HP’s Ion-powered netbook delivers strong graphics performance and long battery life in a sleek package. With the Mini 311, HP has broken the netbook mold; no longer will users be limited to simple activities on these small systems, nor will they have to pay upwards of $600 for portability and performance. At its $399 price, consumers in the market for an inexpensive system can’t go wrong with this notebook. While we would have liked a better touchpad, the Mini 311 offers dramatic performance benefits in comparison to traditional netbooks while still offering nearly six hours of battery life.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 06-10-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%
80% HP Mini 311
Bron: Mobile Tech Review Engels EN→NL
The HP Mini 311 is the first netbook with the NVIDIA ION chipset and graphics, which earns it praise and a smidgen of reservation. It's a great machine for the price and the graphics performance makes video playback other than high quality Flash video pleasant and gaming is a go. But we haven't seen the competition yet, so we can't tell you where it stands against yet to be released Ion netbooks. Given the standards control that Microsoft and Intel work on the netbook platform, we don't expect major differences from other brands however.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 01-10-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%
49% HP Compaq Mini 311 im Test
Bron: PC Welt Duits DE→NL
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 15-10-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 49% prijs: 40% prestatie: 100% functionaliteiten: 100% mobiliteit: 21% ergonomie: 19%
49% HP Compaq Mini 311
Bron: T-Online Duits DE→NL
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 15-10-2009
Beoordeling: Totale score: 49% prijs: 40% prestatie: 100% functionaliteiten: 100% mobiliteit: 21% ergonomie: 19%
Testbericht: HPs Compaq Mini 311 mit Nvidia Ion
Bron: Netbux Duits DE→NL
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Lang, Datum: 15-09-2009
prestatie: 80%


NVIDIA GeForce 9400M (G) / ION (LE): Geïntegreerde (gedeeld geheugen) videokaart. Gebruikt in de huidige MacBook, MacBook Pro en MacBook Air laptops. Ookwel GeForce 9400M G Snelst beschikbare moederbord GPU (ruwweg 2000 punten in 3Dmark06 met DDR3 geheugen, 1500 met DDR2), PureVideo HD (VP3) video processor ondersteunt.

Alleen oudere games kunnen vloeiend draaien met deze grafische chips (als ze niet veeleisend zijn). Gedeeld geheugen grafische cores in deze categorie hebben het voordeel van minder warmte-ontwikkeling en langere batterijlooptijd. Voor kantoor, internet, beeldcorrectie- en videomonteringswerk zijn deze grafische chips nog steeds bruikbaar zonder enige beperkingen.

>> Meer informatie kan gevonden worden in ons Vergelijk van Mobiele Grafische Kaarten en de passende Benchmark Tabel.

N280: Energiezuinig, goedkoop en trage netbook single core CPU. Door de in-order uitvoering zijn de prestaties per MHz lager dan van een Core Solo of Celeron M processor. Vergeleken met de N270 is de N280 slechts iets hoger geklokt en heeft een hogere FSB.
>> Meer informatie kan gevonden worden in ons Vergelijk van Mobiele Processors.

>>Om de fijnheid van het scherm te vinden, kijk in onze DPI-lijst.

1.5 kg: Dit subnotebook is één van de lichtstgewicht van alle notebooks en kan makkelijk meegenomen worden.

HP: Het Hewlett-Packard Company, opgericht in 1935, ook wel bekend als HP, is een technologie onderneming gevestigd in California, VS. HP specialiseerd zich in het ontwikkelen en produceren van computers, opslag, netwerk hardware, software en services. Grote productlijnen bevatten voornamelijk personal computer toestellen, enterprise servers, gerelateerde opslag apperatuur, alsmede verschillende printers en andere beeldapperatuur. Andere productreeksen, zoals electronische testapperatuur en systemen, medische uitrustingen, solid state onderdelen en instrumenten voor chemische analyse. HP haalde een omzet van 91,7 miljard US dollar in 2006, wat het het grootste bedrijf op vlak van technolgie verkoop maakt. In 2007 was de omzet 104 miljard, waarmee ze het eerste bedrijf waren op vlak van technologie dat de grens van 100 miljard dollar overschreed. Volgens marktonderzoek van IDC, zijn de marktaandelen als volgt: HP 18.9 %, Dell 16.4 %, Acer 9.9 %, Lenovo 7.5 %, Apple 5.7 %

HP testrapporten

72.1%: Dit cijfer is slecht. De meeste notebooks hebben een hoger cijfer. Dit is niet aanbevolen bij aankoop.

>> De verdere informatie kan worden gevonden in onze hulp voor de aankoop van laptops.

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Hp Mini 311-1037nr Laptop Netbook 11.6" HD Screen 2Gig Ram 160Gig HD 1.6Ghz Intel Atom WebCam

HP Mini 311-1025NR 11.6-Inch Black Netbook - Up to 6.25 Hours of Battery Life (Windows 7 Home Premium)

Heib Qualitätsakku - Akku für HP Mini 311 Serie - Li-Ion - 10,8V
» 44.90 EUR (laagste prijs)
44.90 EUR

De getoonde prijzen kunnen tot een dag oud zijn.

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