Dell Streak Serie

Dell Streak 7"Processor: NVIDIA Tegra 2 (250), Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 QSD8250
Grafische Kaart: NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 2), Qualcomm Adreno 200
Beeldscherm: 5 inch, 7 inch
Gewicht: 0.218kg, 0.454kg
Prijs: 349, 599 euro
Gemiddelde Score: 78.92% - goed
Gemiddelde van 12 score (van 18 beoordelingen)
prijs: 70%, prestatie: 56%, functionaliteiten: 67%, beeldscherm: 83%
mobiliteit: 87%, afwerking: 90%, ergonomie: 82%, emissies: 98%


Dell Streak 5"


Dell Streak 5"Notebook: Dell Streak 5"
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 QSD8250
Grafische Kaart: Qualcomm Adreno 200
Beeldscherm: 5 inch, , 800x480 pixels
Gewicht: 0.218kg
Prijs: 599 euro
Links: Dell startpagina
 Dell laptopsectie

Gemiddelde Score: 81.57% - goed
Gemiddelde van 7 score (van 8 beoordelingen)


86% Testrapport Dell Streak 5" Tablet/MID | Notebookcheck
Tablet telefoon. Notebook editor ontmoet smartphone - nee, eigenlijk een MID (Mobile Internet Device) zoals Dell de Streak classificeert. Lees in ons testrapport hoe dit avontuur afloopt en wat je van dit apparaat kunt verwachten.
80% Dell Streak
Bron: ITP Engels EN→NL
The Streak is an amazing gadget that offers the functionality of a smartphone with almost all the everyday usability of a full-sized tablet.
Vergelijking, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 09-02-2011
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80% prijs: 80% prestatie: 100% functionaliteiten: 80%
83% First Look: Dell Streak with Android 2.2
Bron: PC Authority Engels EN→NL
Overall, then, this is a positive update. However, if you’re willing to put up with the niggles we’ve already identified – our primary concern is its battery life – then it’s well worth buying as a super-charged smartphone with the capability to step up to tablet status when you need it.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 11-01-2011
Beoordeling: Totale score: 83%
70% The Dell Streak Tablet
Bron: Engels EN→NL
So here’s the Rs. 35,000 question – should you buy the Streak or go in for a mobile handset like the HTC Desire or a better option in this case, the Samsung Galaxy S? The handsets offer the same functionality as the Streak and more especially with Android 2.2 on board. I say, stick to a handset. And don’t forget the Galaxy S also comes in a 16GB capacity (built in) and it’s even more convenient to carry around. The Dell Streak just doesn’t fit in, had it come with Éclair and a better pre loaded apps, it could be worth a consideration and on the plus side it’s still smaller than a standard tablet so you could just hold it up to your ear to talk, but it’s really not worth that much of money when a smaller device that does more is easily available. SO if you're a Streak user, do let me know what your experience has been with the device.

Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 08-10-2010
Beoordeling: Totale score: 70%
Dell Streak
Bron: PC Authority Engels EN→NL
We can't recommend the Dell Streak yet. For it to become the natural choice for browsing the internet, it needs to support Flash. And for this, it needs its promised Android update.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Kort, Datum: 24-09-2010
Beoordeling: prijs: 60% prestatie: 80% functionaliteiten: 80%
80% Die Tablet-Invasion
Bron: Connect - 5/11 Duits
Vergelijking, , Gemiddeld, Datum: 01-04-2011
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80% functionaliteiten: 60% ergonomie: 100%
78% Doppelbegabung
Bron: Connect - 11/10 Duits
Enkel testrapport, , Lang, Datum: 01-11-2010
Beoordeling: Totale score: 78% functionaliteiten: 76% mobiliteit: 78% ergonomie: 75%
100% Konterrevolution
Bron: Connect - 10/10 Duits
Vergelijking, , Gemiddeld, Datum: 01-10-2010
Beoordeling: Totale score: 100% functionaliteiten: 80% ergonomie: 100%
80% Android-Tablet
Bron: PC Magazin - 11/2010 Duits
Enkel testrapport, , Kort, Datum: 01-10-2010
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%


Dell Streak 7"


Dell Streak 7"Notebook: Dell Streak 7"
Processor: NVIDIA Tegra 2 (250)
Grafische Kaart: NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 2)
Beeldscherm: 7 inch, 16:9, 800x480 pixels
Gewicht: 0.454kg
Prijs: 349 euro
Links: Dell startpagina
 Dell laptopsectie
 Streak 7" (Model)

Gemiddelde Score: 68.67% - gemiddeld
Gemiddelde van 3 score (van 10 beoordelingen)


84% Review Dell Streak 7" Tablet/MID | Notebookcheck
Medium or well-done? Dell also wants a part of the tablet market with the 7 inch tablet. The Streak is based on the Android 2.2 operating system and is driven by a Tegra dual core processor clocked with 1 GHz. Is Dell's Streak just raw meat or well-done?
80% Dell Streak 7 Android tablet
Bron: Reg Hardware Engels EN→NL
Better late than never, the Dell Streak 7 fixes most of the problems found in its predecessor, at a much reduced price. With a quick CPU, plenty of storage and a near enough up-to-date version of Android, it makes for a convenient hand-held connected device. But it’s a shame the screen is a bit low-rent and low-res – the battery life could be better too. Still, this is progress, but you have to wonder how many Streaks Dell would have sold had it done the job properly in the first place.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 27-07-2011
Beoordeling: Totale score: 80%
Dell Streak 7 review: Hands On
Bron: It Pro Engels EN→NL
The touchscreen felt smooth and responsive, no doubt helped by the Tegra dual-core processor. One disappointment is the screen's relatively low resolution of 800x480 pixels which is noticeably less than the 1,024x600 resolution of the Galaxy Tab. We have our concerns about how apps designed for higher resolution Android tablets will run on the Streak 7, if at all. A 16GB SD card will be included which should be enough space for a lot of apps. A HDMI and charging dock will be sold separately which would be useful for giving presentations.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 23-03-2011
Dell Streak 7 Review
Bron: Ubergizmo Engels EN→NL
Now, if you want an Android Tablet and you’re still unsure, the smart thing to do is to wait a few weeks as there’s an Android Tablet tsunami about to hit the stores – the iPad 2 should come out soon as well. I hope that this review has helped you figure out what the Dell Streak 7 is about.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 21-02-2011
Dell Streak 7 Review
Bron: Ubergizmo Engels EN→NL
Now, if you want an Android Tablet and you’re still unsure, the smart thing to do is to wait a few weeks as there’s an Android Tablet tsunami about to hit the stores – the iPad 2 should come out soon as well. I hope that this review has helped you figure out what the Dell Streak 7 is about. If you have more questions or remarks, please drop a comment below, and I’ll try to reply ASAP. If you want to hear more from us, join Ubergizmo on Facebook.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Gemiddeld, Datum: 21-02-2011
Dell Streak 7
Bron: Wired Magazine Engels EN→NL
There is but one bright spot with the Streak 7, and that is performance: Equipped with the hype-fueled Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, the tablet absolutely rips at web page rendering, app loading, running Flash, and just about everything else. If we could actually make out the display, and the battery alert wasn’t constantly threatening to shut the thing down, it’d be totally awesome.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 03-02-2011
50% Dell Streak 7 (T-Mobile)
Bron: PC Mag Engels EN→NL
Internally, the Streak 7 makes waves where no other tablet has: it features the first Nvidia Tegra 2—a system-on-a-chip with the first mobile dual core CPU. While we expect to see the Tegra 2 in many tablets in the coming year, this is a big deal—and we ran speed benchmark tests on the Streak 7 to show you just how big a deal it is. More on this later in the review, but suffice to say: It's the fastest tablet we've tested. That said, with several Tegra 2 tablets on the way, the Streak 7's about to have plenty of speedy competition.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 02-02-2011
Beoordeling: Totale score: 50%
Dell Streak 7 review
Bron: PC Advisor Engels EN→NL
In its initial US incarnation, the Dell Streak 7 is a tablet to consider if cost is your paramount consideration. Had this model come out at the same time the original Streak shipped, excusing its faults would have been easier. But I expect better of a Dell product, frankly, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab provides a superior user experience for just $100 more over the pond. Additional options are just around the corner, too, so I'd advise shopping around before committing to this subsidized tablet for two years.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 01-02-2011
Dell Streak 7 Review
Bron: Slashgear Engels EN→NL
Having used the Tab for over a month and now after using the Streak for five days, the performance advantages of the Streak 7 give it the edge in my opinion. The Streak 7 will perform and in some cases outperform other tablets in the 7' inch range with its capabilities as a rich multimedia device largely thanks to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 super chip. The battery life is my biggest complaint with the Streak 7 and in terms of battery life the Tab is a better option. I want to see how the Streak 7 performs when either Gingerbread or Honeycomb become available as an update. From things like multi-threaded support, more tablet centric OS and speed / performance gains all things that will add value to not only tablets in general but the Streak 7 as well.
Enkel testrapport, online beschikbaar, Zeer kort, Datum: 31-01-2011
76% Tablets im Test
Bron: Computerbild - 16/11 Duits
Vergelijking, , Kort, Datum: 01-07-2011
Beoordeling: Totale score: 76% functionaliteiten: 83% beeldscherm: 83% mobiliteit: 79% ergonomie: 79%
Frisch aufs Tablet
Bron: Connect - 4/11 Duits
Vergelijking, , Lang, Datum: 01-04-2011
Beoordeling: functionaliteiten: 80% ergonomie: 100%



Dell: Dell Inc. is een multinational technologie bedrijf dat ontwikkeld, produceerd, verkoopt en ondersteuning biedt voor personal computers en andere computer gerelateerde producten. Gevestigd in Texas, biedt Dell aan meer dan 82 700 mensen wereldwijd een job (2009). In 2006, heeft Dell de fabrikant Alienware overgenomen. In de meeste landen worden Dell laptops rechtstreeks door Dell aan de consument verkocht, compleet naar wens van de koper geassembleerd. Hun marktaandeel vergeleken met die van andere grote merken: HP 18.9 %, Dell 16.4 %, Acer 9.9 %, Lenovo 7.5 %, Apple 5.7 %

Dell testrapporten

Deze grafische kaarten voor notebooks zijn niet bruikbaar voor games. Als ze al games kunnen draaien, dan doen ze dat met grafische afwijkingen en heel lage framesnelheid. Voor gamers zijn deze chips ongeschikt! Kantoor en internet taken zijn, daarentegen, geen probleem voor deze GPUs.

Qualcomm Adreno 200:

NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 2): Een SoC Ultra Low Voltage GPU die in de Tegra 3 zit. Afhankelijk van het model is deze geklokt op 300 tot 400 MHz.

>> Meer informatie kan gevonden worden in ons Vergelijk van Mobiele Grafische Kaarten en de passende Benchmark Tabel.

Qualcomm Snapdragon:


2 (250): SoC (System on a Chip) met een geïntegreerde Cortex A9 dual-core, GeForce ULP en andere dedicated subprocessoren (audio, video).

>>Om de fijnheid van het scherm te vinden, kijk in onze DPI-lijst.

0.218 kg:

Dit subnotebook is één van de lichtstgewicht van alle notebooks en kan makkelijk meegenomen worden.

0.454 kg:

78.92%: Dit cijfer is niet echt overtuigend. Het moet in acht worden genomen dat er bijna geen laptops zijn die een score onder de 60% hebben. Dit notebook is beneden gemiddeld beoordeeld, en is niet aanbevolen te kopen.

>> De verdere informatie kan worden gevonden in onze hulp voor de aankoop van laptops.

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$3.18 OEM Dell Standard Battery for Dell Streak 5

DELL Mini 5 1800mAh Handy-Akku für Dell Mini 5 Dell Streak 20QFO
» 5.75 EUR (laagste prijs)
5.75 EUR miniinthebox

De getoonde prijzen kunnen tot een dag oud zijn.

Dell Streak 7"
Dell Streak 7"
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